May 29 2014

Preparing for Move Out Day

May 8 2014

8 Packing Mistakes

When it comes to packing our homes for a move, one must also be very careful about committing mistakes. True, you may have scoured the internet and took a trip down memory lane for some tips and advice but have you also considered reading about the common packing don’ts and mistakes that you should avoid? Luckily, Amber Moves has got this useful list for us. Read up and be cautious not to fall into the trap.

over packingMISTAKE # 1: BIG BOXES – When you are boxing everything up one might easily think that the bigger the better. Well we are sorry to burst your bubble but that is most definitely wrong. Use boxes in different sizes appropriately. If you put all you items in one big container then chances are it would become much too heavy to carry and move around. The rule of thumb is the heavier the item (or items in accumulated weight) the smaller the container and vice versa.

MISTAKE # 2: OVERSTUFFING – Again people think that putting much too many items in one container saves on space and supply expenses. That is terribly wrong. You risk overstuffing the box and you do not want it bursting open or worse splitting apart.

MISTAKE # 3: WRONG SUPPLIES AND MATERIALS – You cannot just buy all the supplies you get your hands on and pat yourself on the back. You also need to make ample research. Know what material is for which and how to use them properly. Buy only what you need.

MISTAKE # 4: POOR LABELS – Be sure that when you label your boxes, you do so visibly. Actually it is best to write on all sides because you never know what side the box will be landing on. Also make sure that it cannot be erased and is big enough to read and see.

MISTAKE # 5: PACKING EVERYTHING – If you don’t need it, sell it, give it away or donate it. Do not bring all of your stuff with you especially those that you need no longer.

MISTAKE # 6: PROCRASTINATING – Start now and the earlier the better. Procrastinating now will only get you all stressed out later on. Remember that there is so much to do and at times there is more tasks to be accomplished than you initially thought so.

MISTAKE # 7: DOING IT ALL ON YOUR OWN – If you cannot wing it on your own, then don’t push it. Ask help especially if you are dealing with so much stuff and a long distance ahead of you. Get professional movers. They’ll be like fairy godmothers to you.

MISTAKE # 8: WRONG FREEBIES – Because you want to save up on boxes you go to your nearest grocery store. Wrong. Avoid asking from there since food boxes can have drippings and moisture in them. Bugs might even be hiding beneath its layers. Eeek! Instead go to your nearest bookshop or school and office supply store says the experts at Amber Moves.

May 2 2014

Amber Moves How To: Relocating with Pets

It’s time to move out of your old home and into the new one with more memories ahead and a new adventure to conquer. You’ve packed everything up, called your movers, sold unwanted belongings on a garage sale, bid farewell to the neighborhood, changed mailing addresses, updated utilities and all that but are you sure you are not forgetting something, someone or anything? How about Mr. Goldy goldfish in swimming gently in his own aquarium, Pippin the hamster and his wheel, Mishka the adorable cat and her favorite thread spool or Pongo the shitzu and his puppy brown eyes? Indeed you have to prepare and consider your pets too when moving. For some helpful tips, we have some useful advice from the friendly team at Amber Moves on relocating with pets.

  • moving with petsVISIT THE VET – Make sure that you pay your favorite veterinarian a visit even if your pet is healthy and much more if they are sick. You have to do this for a number of reasons. First, it is best to have them checked to ensure that they are fit for the travel especially if you are relocating somewhere really far and requires a boat or plane ride as you will be required to have a medical certificate on your pet. Secondly, the vet will be able to give you medication if they are sick and you can stock up in time. Third, they will be able to suggest to you a new vet if you are going really far and will make it inconvenient to visit them soon.
  • UPDATE THE TAG – You do not want any stray dogs or cats now would you? To avoid losing them during the move or once you arrive at your new home, get them new and updated tags. This will be their ticket home if they get lost along the way.
  • A PHOTOGRAPH – In relation to the above, have a new photo of them. You never know when you’d need one.
  • PLAN THE TRAVEL – See to it that the travel is pet friendly. Remember that long journeys can cause them stress, upset their appetite and cause depression.
  • HAVE THEM LEASHED OR GET A CARRIER – It is advisable to have them leashed or placed in a carrier especially if you are not riding a personal vehicle. They will help restrain your pets plus carriers can serve as their temporary sleeping place.
  • PACK SOME SNACKS AND SUPPLIES – Amber Moves reminds owners to pack ample snacks and supplies too! If you get hungry then so does your pet no matter what animal they are. Bring food, supplies, toys and old blankets for bedding.