Aug 15 2014

Supplies to Buy for an Effective and Efficient Home Move

Home moving and packing your stuff always go hand in hand that is unless you’ll leave everything from clothes to furniture and appliances which is very unlikely. You are bound to do some amount of packing big or small. Of course you cannot do this without the right tools, equipment and materials. But what should you get? Of course you would not be purchasing the entire contents of the hardware store. We’ve got Amber Moves to inform us about the basic supplies to buy for an effective and efficient home move. Get your pen and paper at the ready for some note taking!

BOXES – This is a must. No relocation will ever be complete without them. But when buying boxes there are three factors for you to consider which is size, durability and type.

  • Size: The rule of thumb is to put heavy items on smaller containers and lighter but bulky ones in bigger cartons. This makes it easy for them to be carried around.
  • Durability: You want thick but lightweight boxes that can withstand all the weight, the carrying and the humps and bumps of everything.
  • Type: You have the standard cartons but there too are special ones that may be used for certain items such as wardrobe boxes for clothes that must be kept hanged and dish barrels for all your breakable kitchen items.

moving_suppliesTAPE AND GLUE – You need something to seal in tight and secure your box flaps. Tape, glue, scissors and tape guns should come in quite handy!

ROPE AND TWINE – There will be cases when the use of tape is not advised such as when securing furniture and appliance doors as tape can leave a sticky residue and may damage the paint or finish of the item. For this, movers suggest the use of rope or twine but see to it that you use one with smooth edges not the jagged and sharp ones.

PLASTIC OR ZIPLOC BAGS – This will contain all your small items as well as hooks, screws and nails for your disassembled furniture.

MARKERS AND LABELS – You need to label all y our boxes appropriately. A short description, the room they belong to and an inventory number should be written clearly and visibly.

DISASSEMBLING TOOLS – These should aid you in disassembling and reassembling items like furniture. Screwdrivers, hammers, pliers and the like belong here.

PEN AND NOTEBOOK – Lastly, Amber Moves suggest that you bring with you a pen and notebook for your checklist, reminders and the inventory of all your belongings.