Apr 15 2015

How to Pack More with Less: 3 Tips from Amber Moves

packing tipsWhat is it with relocation packing that always gets everyone down on their knees and frowning with fatigue? The answer is lack of know-how and expert tricks. This task is essential because you can’t move without having your belongings with you and you can’t achieve that if you don’t get up and do the work. It is challenging which is true but at the same time is pretty much doable and easier if you know how to do it right. A common concern with such task is the amount of boxes and supplies it will entail and the costs thereto. Would you believe us if we told you there’s a workaround on that? If you’re interested on learning how to pack more for less, these Amber Moves tips could be of great use help.

Use the right box sizes. – You have to know what your items are, how much there is and what kinds of container fit them best. There is no one size fits all here. Dishes for example need dish barrels while fragile pieces like oil paintings and antique need special housing as well. Moreover, you have to be wary about picking the box sizes. The rule of thumb is to have heavy pieces into smaller containers while light bulky ones in the bigger boxes. This makes them easier to carry around given their possible accumulated weight. If you buy the wrong pieces then you’d end up purchasing another batch and wasting all your money with that first attempt.

Land yourself some freebies. – You can also get free cartons for yourself or at least ones that are cheap and wallet friendly. Check from book stores, clothing boutiques, wine shops, school and office supply stores and your local library if they have some to spare. You’d often end up getting really thick and durable boxes here.

Use what you have. – Dual purpose will make things easier and allow you to save up on both space and cash says the team at Amber Moves. You can use lunch boxes and jars to contain pieces like your jewelry. Old t-shirts, towels and linens will do great as box stuffing and even padding for breakables. You can do the same for socks and scarves too. By doing so, you not only pack them but you also use them as a packing material at the same time.