Amber Moves’ Tricks to Effective Packing for Relocation

Moving and packing always go hand in hand. Can you name a relocation that happened without even the least amount of packed items? You’re bound to bring something with you to your new place no matter how big, small, bulky, light or heavy it might be. With that being said, one has to be an effective packer to ensure that everything is kept safe and secure from point A to point B. Read up on the following tricks from Amber Moves on how to achieve effective packing for your relocation.

Trick # 1: Know your needs first. You need to take a good look and inventory of your items so you will know which supplies to get and how much to get. You do not want to purchase much too many or get cut short. This will also help you in making a packing schedule for everyone.

Trick # 2: Use the right box sizes. The rule of thumb is that heavy ones go on smaller boxes while light and bulky ones go into bigger ones. This is done to avoid over-packing and making it much too heavy to move and carry around.

Trick # 3: You can score cheap and affordable cartons in the right places. You can buy needed supplies; that is true but if you are on a tight budget then you can take advantage of cheaper or even free ones from wine and liquor shops as well as bookstores. The boxes from the former are thick, sturdy and often come with dividers making them appropriate for glasses and vases. In bookshops, cartons are thick to support the weight of the published goods.

Trick # 4: Bubble wrap is your best friend. They are more durable than paper and can absorb shock from bumps far better. Plus, they can be recycled as well.

tips for relocatingTrick # 5: Color coding can help a lot. Use varied colored markers to differentiate which items belong to which rooms. Make sure to write your labels legibly too.

Trick # 6: Use Ziploc bags for small items. When dismantling furniture, place the screws and nails inside one to avoid losing them and mixing them up with other items. The same holds true for other small belongings like jewelry.

Trick # 7: Keep important documents in a separate container. All your files and papers such as bank records, birth certificates, school records, property titles and the like should be placed in a different container and separated from the belongings inside your moving truck. It is best to keep them with you to avoid misplacing.

Trick # 8: Amber Moves reminds relocating individuals to pack a personal box. You cannot possibly unpack everything once you arrive at the new place. This should include a few clothes and personal items that you will immediately need.

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