Leading Home Removal Company Teach Us a Thing or Two About Making Your Move Light

When it comes to moving out of your new home and into your new one, it always comes with the heavy chore of packing. But do not get dismayed just yet because you can make things much lighter if you do the simple tricks that our friendly experts from the country’s leading home removal company have for us.

Here are their neat tricks that are both light in your arms and in your wallet!

  1. moving-tipsDefrost your fridge for a full twenty four hours before moving day. Be sure to clean it as well. You would not want water and ice dripping off of it when it is being towed and carried around.
  2. Do not overstuff your fridge and pantry with your groceries. It is best to have your last shopping day a week or two before the schedule dated so that you will not have to add them to the packing list thus adding up to your costs. You can do your grocery at your new home.
  3. Never bring clutter with you. If you have things that will not be of use to you anymore then it’s best to not bring them along as they will only crowd up your storage space and add to more work. What do you do with them then? Here are your options:
    • Give them away to family and friends. If you believe those stuff are still of value, a little bit sentimental or you would want to make sure that the new owners will take care of them, pass it along to people you know.
    • If they are of bigger value it is wise to sell them either at a garage sale or through the internet, whichever works best for you.
    • If you are the “do good-er” then you can always donate them to charity. This is a good way to dispose clothing items that you have outgrown.
  4. Do not buy all the packing supplies you see at the store. It is best to consider what types of stuff you’d have to pack first so you won’t overspend. Else, you could always ask your movers. There are even those who will provide for you so there’s less hassle.
  5. Saving up on bubble wraps and packing paper? Here is a neat trick from our home removal company experts. Wrap breakables like small vases and figurines in clean socks. Use old shirts and linens to wrap plates and other similar breakables. This way you are packing both items and saving up on costs. It’ll be lighter on your budget and your load. Double score right?

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