Jun 19 2014

Amber Moves: Proper Packing Techniques for Clothes

In an individual’s entire lifetime he or she will move and relocate for an average of four times. The reasons are aplenty and these include work opportunity, education, family reasons and business ventures to name a few. One of the items that each individual has and are more often than not abundant is clothes. How does one effectively and efficiently box them up and move them out and into the new house? Here are the proper packing techniques for clothes according to professional moving company Amber Moves.

TECHNIQUE # 1: SORT AND CATEGORIZE – Is your closet a world of chaos? If no then good for you otherwise you’ve got some work to do. This is essential to ensuring that what you want brought is indeed brought and not left behind. Plus, this is a good excuse to cleaning your mess of five years or so. Be sure to sort through what you want to keep from those you want to sell, donate or give away. Also categorize your items. It is advisable to do so by seasons and then by type (i.e. socks, accessories, handkerchiefs, shirts, sweaters, trousers, etc.)

TECHNIQUE # 2: KNOW HOW TO FOLD – No you cannot just dump them inside a box. You’ll end up having to buy too many boxes than is necessary. Be sure that you fold them in well to avoid having them crumpled and all. You do not want to iron them all out later.

Moving_BoxTECHNIQUE # 3: GET BOXES APLENTY – Know what type of boxes to purchase. Make sure to use big ones for lighter bulkier items and medium sized ones for those that can pack some weight. Also to protect items like gowns, dresses and suits, get yourself a wardrobe box to keep them hanged.

TECHNIQUE # 4: SAVE SPACE AND REPURPOSE – What if you want to save space and use lesser supplies and therefore cut on costs? You can always repurpose. Do you have clothes, towels or linens that are old? You can use them to wrap and pad your fragile items like plates and similar other dishware.

TECHNIQUE # 5: KEEP LIKE ITEMS TOGETHER – As much as possible pack like clothing items together. Keep shoes with shoes, shirts with shirts, you get the drift. This will make it easier to unpack later on so you would not have to scavenge and hunt box after box looking for an item.

We hope those Amber Moves packing tips for clothes have helped you. Oh and yes, happy moving!