Take Heed: Signs of Rogue Office Movers

Sadly there are people who out there to abuse and run with other people’s hard earned money. In fact there are a lot of bogus, rogue and scam companies trying to rob people out. They can be seen in almost every industry from clothing shops, make-up stores, food concessionaires and in even in the removals business. The latter is one which is quite common. How do you avoid becoming a victim? The only answer is through proper knowledge. You have to know how to determine rogue home and office movers spot on. What are the tell-tale signs? We have a list for you. Read on, take heed and always be cautious.

Caution signSIGN # 1: Very Low Estimates – Don’t be swayed when they offer you a very cheap estimate. That in itself should be a warning sign for you. Remember that these companies are running a business and they will always have to make profit. If it’s too low then it is likely to have a lot of additional and hidden charges. Did they use an extra hammer to dismantle furniture? Cha-ching! Fees will pile up and will be so huge you will find yourself in a rut.

SIGN # 2: Large Spot On Payments and Deposits – The only reason for clients to halt operations or demand refunds is if work done is poor. Well established and professional companies know the quality of their services so they do not require large deposits at the onset.

SIGN # 3: Incomplete and Confusing Contract – The contract has to be explicit, written and contains all the necessary agreements between customer and service provider. If it is so confusing and the company isn’t helping you at understanding it then by all means do not sign those papers!

SIGN # 4: Too Good to be True Insurance – Insurance is a good thing but if they promise that everything is covered no matter what then do not believe them. Insurance can cover a lot but definitely not all. There are clauses and exceptions.

SIGN # 5: Absence of Actual Inspection for an Estimate – Did you receive your estimate via phone or internet only without an actual inspection? If yes then you should move on and find someone else for the job that will provide for actual inspection of your assets.

SIGN # 6: Absence of an Actual Office – If they only have an online presence and do not have an actual office and if they are posting a wrong address then it is obviously a scam. Where do you think they hold operations? Certainly not in their bedrooms!

SIGN # 7: No Employee ID – Always check for the IDs of the team sent to you, Legit companies always give their employees identification.

SIGN # 8: Unmarked Company Vehicles – This one is very important. Reputable office movers are bound to have marked company vehicles with either their company logo or name.

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